So you wanna make a theme? uses a templating language to define params.
There are a few basics to understand here –

  1. All params are defined between curly brackets. Like this – {{param_here}}
  2. There are two types of params – block thingies and single thingies.
  3. Block thingies are defined with a hash and a slash that mark the beginning and the end of a block. Like this – {{#events}}
  4. Single thingies are for defining fixed params such as titles and link locations. Like this –


  5. You can make if statements using carrots! Like this – {{#events}}


  6. When making an if statement with a single thingie param you would use the {{self}} tag, something like this should be cool – {{#image}}<img src="{{self}}">{{/image}}
    {{^image}}<img src="no_image.png">{{/image}}
  7. With meta tags, you can totally create custom user editable stuff, there are three types of meta tags that you can use – text, color and if. These tags become displayed in a user's "basic editor" the following way.

    The way you activate these things is by way of meta tags. Like this –

    (These tags can be put anywhere before the body tag.)
    And then you can put the param in your CSS. So lets say this is your meta tag – The your CSS would look something like this – h1 {
      color: {{color.title}};
    (hint, hint - if statements work in here too!)